When it comes to talking about the variety of laptops in the market now-a-days then it would not be justified to not talk about the versatile series of laptops presented by the company Acer Inc that is known by the name of the Acer Aspire.So basically it is the series of the personal computers which are mainly developed for the purpose of the household users as well as for the small business purpose.

This series was first of all introduced in the market in 1999 with the introduction of the aspire 1151 which was featuring a 200 MHZ intel pentium processor.Acer laptops are highly recognised among the users for their innovative latest technology the company uses, and hence provides the high customer experience to the user by providing an acer support number for the required help.

Now whatever good features the laptop may comprise of, after sometimes it also need to go through the booting process.That basically means the user needs to set the laptop to the factory settings on to the time to time basis. And for doing so you can either give a call on the acer support number or you can follow the below written steps carefully:-

so here the purpose is to format the hard drive and to revert the computer to its factory default condition

  • That involves first of all clicking on the start button
  • Then you need to proceed to the option of all programs
  • From there you need to move to the acer erecovery management
  • Now move forward to the restore option, and after that select the option of restore system to factory
  • Once you do it, the computer would restart and boot into the recovery utility
  • After that you just need to click on the yes tab twice in order to revert the acer aspire one to its factory state.

And now being a naive user if you wants to do any kind of settings that you are not able to do by yourself then feel free to contact the acer support number for any kind of help.

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