Claws email service has introduced the most upgraded technical aspects

Claws mail is a free mass email service which is now extensively used by millions of email service users. Its wide many user friendly features and useful tools are liked and used by the customers for both commercial and personal uses. In case of any technical help, Claws mail technical support provides necessary email support to all its users.

Some mention worthy features of this email service is as follows –

  • Its user interface is very easy to use and all options can be controlled through keyboard also.
  • All common features like multiple of accounts, display of conversations in threaded format, very effective unlimited filtering, message queuing, color labels, multiple MH folder support etc. are available in Claws email service.
  • It follows all modern forms of protocols like POP3, SMTP, IMAP4 rev 1 and NNTP.
  • Some features like log Window, full coloration of message, built-in image viewer, message priority setting, automatic account selection, anti-phishing URL check etc. are very up to date and useful features.
  • Apart from these, there are multiple other user-friendly features some of which are very unique ones. Users face multiple of problems while activating different features and tools. In such conditions they are always encouraged to call Claws mail technical support to solve those problems and activate the tools properly.
  • On the other hand, Claws mail technical support team remain active 24x7 for providing seamless support to their customers who call to solve wide varieties of technical issues. The most upgraded technology, robustness and wide ranging extensibility have made this email service so popular in very short span of time. Claws technical support executives never keep their customers waiting for long hours. They are always prompt and solve issues at the earliest possible time.

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