eM client email service is equipped with all modern features

eM client is one of the most modern form of mass email service that is getting steady popularity with time. It has all modern features that are considered very useful and user-friendly. It works comfortably in all popular PC operating systems like Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows 10etc.

Some popular features of eM clients are as follows –

  • It has two versions – Free version for general use like any other email client and PRO version which is to be purchased by the license holder.
  • eM Client also have some popular features like calendar, task, contacts and chat.
  • Data from other email clients like Gmail, yahoo and Outlook can be done very easily, and in case of any difficulty very dynamic eM client customer service is there to help.
  • This extremely efficient email service is available in 12 different languages. In case of any difficulty in finding any preferred language eM client customer service number can be dialed for immediate help.
  • For business establishments, eM client has bought the most advanced form of central management system.
  • This email service use and follow all standard protocols like POP3, SMTP, IMAP, AirSync, and EWS etc.
  • eM client service is available with built-in spelling checker and translator in 12 different languages to make users' emailing experience smoother and faster.
  • Information is remained secure in this email service with the help of with the most advanced form of data security management band message encryption technology.
  • Moreover, eM client customer service is providing all sorts of help to the eM client users through their efficient executives. The customer help service remained open 24x7 for supporting users of eM client instantly.

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