Google Chrome is a web browser available free ware which is developed by Google. Google Chrome has almost 60% market share of Desktop Browsers. In terms of Smart phone browsers it is the most popular browser. As a result of the success of Google Chrome web browser Google has expanded its business to devices like Chrome cast etc.

Chrome is a web browser with major chunk of its source code being written as an Open Source under project Chromium. Google Chrome became popular due to its speed which it offers and interface design and its promotion on the most popular search engine i.e. Google. It made its debut i.e. was released in the year 2008 as a beta version. Chrome was once a leader in JavaScript speed though it is leading in terms of number of emerging standards being supported.

Installing Chrome Browser

Google Chrome is available for Windows, Mac OS and Linux as well. Chrome's installation is quite easy which is just running a small stub and without the requirement of a reboot. While running Chrome for the first time a sign in is required into the Google Account, but if we want to escape that we can simply close that tab and open a new one. Signing into the account gives us an advantage of being able to sync settings of our browser and bookmarks on different PCs. Although, signing in raises more concerns about the tracking of our browser activity.There is one concern too regarding the user's privacy as whatever the user types in onto the Search bar is being tracked by the Google Servers.

Chrome Features

Chrome offers a bundle of features which makes it exclusive and unique. They can be summarized as below :

  1. Search Box :It is named as Omni box which is Chrome's combined search and address bar.

  2. PDF and Built-In Flash Support :Rather than requiring a separate installation for Adobe Flash built in, Chrome comes pre-installed with it. Unlike Edge and Firefox, Chrome comes with Adobe plug-ins for PDF reader pre-installed.

  3. Chrome Extensions :There is a long list of Chrome Extensions accessible from the Tools sub-menu of the Chrome sub-menu.

  4. Tab static :Chrome offers an excellent tab implementation. We can pin a site up in the tab bar and drag the distinctive angle-edged tabs at the top of the browser window.

Google Chrome Technical Support

Google Chrome Technical Support offers 24*7 supports to its vast base of users across the globe through Help Forum, Community and You Tube videos being available. It also offers 24/7 Google Chrome Technical Support Phone Number and E-Mail support. One can easily reach out to the technical team.

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