Panda Antivirus: A complete protection against external threats

Panda Antivirus excellently shields your computer and network against all forms of virus, malware, and spyware. Millions of people all over the world are now using Panda in all their devices seamlessly. On the other hand, Panda antivirus technical support provides the necessary protection against all types of common technical issues that may arise when your computer and mobile devices are getting 100% protection against external attacks.

Panda antivirus software is specially prepared to distinguish between a known and an unknown threat and lets you decide how to treat these threats. It constantly scans internet browsers, messages and all sorts of downloaded files on disk for known or unknown malware and virus, and informs you regarding any anticipated threat just when it picks one. Panda also lets you decide whether these activities are to be recorded in a log or not. Panda antivirus can be used in all sorts of mobile internet devices. Another important feature Panda Antivirus Pro is that it lets you create a dynamic rescue USB drive, which can be used when your computer doesn't boot due to any virus attack.

Panda antivirus is available in four different specifications: Panda Antivirus Pro, Panda Gold Protection, Panda Global Protection, and Panda Internet Security. Installing Panda antivirus can be installed in the following way:

  • Through welcome Email: You can pay online and get your downloadable Panda product through email. Panda system administration will send you an email with an activation code and download button. Simply by following the steps and putting the activation code, you can install Panda in your devices. In case of any issue, you are free to contact Panda antivirus technical support.
  • From Panda account: Following steps are to be followed while downloading Panda antivirus from your Panda account –

Step 1: Keep the activation code with you and access the Panda account from the official website of Panda.

Step 2: Click on your product and then click on the cloud icon as visible in the screen to download the installation file.

Step 3: You then need to double click the Panda file you have previously downloaded and follow the process as will be instructed by the installation wizard.

In case of any issue or if you unable to follow the steps, just call Panda Antivirus technical support for getting through the process.

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