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Lenovo is a technology company having headquarters in Beijing, China and North Carolina, United States. The organization deals in designing, developing, and manufacturing tablet computers, personal computers, workstations, servers, smartphones, smart televisions, and IT management software.

Lenovo offers a big range of products across various categories as follows:

  • Laptops: Lenovo provides laptops that offer secured and manageable features for business. The laptops come with innovative designs having leading versatility and top notch styles. With utmost reliability and premium performance, Lenovo laptops combine function, form, and style seamlessly.
  • Smartphones: Lenovo smartphones are industry leading gadgets that provide the greatest camera experience and talk time without fail. The gadgets comprise multicore processors and first hand display technology.
  • Workstations: Lenovo workstations render high performance and come with innovative designs. Efficient and graphically adept, these workstations are relied upon by professionals, such as architects, medical researchers, engineers, and software designers.
  • Accessories and software: Lenovo offers a tremendous range of accessories including backpacks, gaming accessories, storage and power banks, keyboard and mouse, and adapters and batteries.
  • Services and warranty: Lenovo helps customers get the most of their technology investment. There are various services from purchase to disposal, such as deploying equipment, configuring PCs, transferring data, securing business assets, and upgrading systems.
  • Personal and professional computing: Lenovo offers a number of products, for instance, ThinkPad, ThinkServer, ThinkCenter, IdeaPad, and IdeaStation that cater to all personal and business computing functions.

To know more about Lenovo products and services, call on Lenovo phone number and talk to customer service representatives.

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