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Quicken is a very popular personal finance management tool developed by Intuit. The Quicken products are widely used in USA and Canada. Quicken is available in different versions compatible in Windows and Macintosh. There are also different versions of Quicken is available for Windows like Quicken Starter, Quicken Deluxe, and Quicken Premier etc. Most recently the company has introduced Quicken Mobile App and Quicken 2016 version for Mac.

How does Quicken work?

Quicken is a very efficient personal money management tool. It helps people to organize their personal expenses and savings very proficiently. It helps people to remember their money related events just in time so that not a single event is ignored. Here are some interesting aspects of Quicken:

  • A user can add all the bank accounts in Quicken with user Ids and Passwords. Quicken then securely organize all financial information in one place for any future reference and also enable the user to access the accounts directly from Quicken. Many users call at Quicken technical support number whenever they feel the matter is problematic.
  • Quicken helps to organize expenses directly from the bank statements. This amazing software can categorize the expenses and represent the expenses graphically to create a vivid picture for the user. Quicken customer service sometimes help the users to learn how to read the expense chart and how to interpret it properly.
  • Quicken is a very effective tool for budget planning and paying bills accordingly. Organizing the historical data, this efficient software can prepare household budget for the user. Again the user can customize it depending on his changing expenses. Quicken technical support can be called to guide while customizing the budget.
  • Quicken can show the user his financial condition and capacity at any point of time.
  • The data gathered in Quicken can be directly fed into TurboTax for the purpose of tax assessment.

What are the most common issues with Quicken software?

Facing technical issues is quite normal while using any sophisticated technical product, but customers of Quicken never need to wait for a long time to fix their issues.

  • Users sometimes complain that Quicken 2016 mandatory upgrade is not taking place properly.
  • Downloading the transactions from bank statements may be problematic sometimes for which people seek customer service support.
  • Many users face problems while printing pages directly from Quicken and look for proper solution.
  • Problem in installing the software may be problematic in some situations. Many new users of Quicken call at technical support number to install the software properly.
  • Users sometimes complain about problems in importing data from other sources like from bank accounts.
  • Users sometimes complain on wrongful categorization if expenses.
  • Sometimes users complain of not getting year end copy at the end of a year.
  • In many occasions users complain that they are unable to login a bank account through Quicken after the software is upgraded to higher version.


The most experienced Quicken technical support can fix any issue instantly. Here are some common issues for which Quicken users call at Quicken technical support number. Quicken is a very useful personal money management software if used proficiently. Quicken technical support executives remain active 24x7 to help their customers to resolve their technical issues. These executives are very experts in their jobs and always remain updated regarding latest changes in Quicken to provide the most professional support service to their clients.


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